Get Lauren’s look on the High Street!

by SeeWantWear

Hey dolls,

You have asked me to create Lauren’s look on the High Street!


We have seen Lauren wearing leather leggings a lot over the months and so I thought this would be a good closet essentail!



I have just been researching Leather Leggings on the internet and the prices vary!

To make your purchase affordable; I have found some faux leather leggings @ Asos by Taylor Momsen!

These are a really good buy and so I would suggest if you want to go with this look; these are the ones to go for 🙂


Lauren loves her Chanel bags!

So do we, but they are very pricey..


I found the best alternatives!

They are the closest to the real thing 🙂

You can get a bag just like this one @ Asos or BANK



This bag can be bought from Asos and BANK; in this colour, from the links above! Just select which colour.


We LOVE our sunglasses and so does Lauren!

You can get sunglasses like these beauties from Lauren’s collection @ Kohl’s!


Get sunglasses like these @ Kohl’s too!


Get these @ Kohl’s from Lauren’s collection; LC Lauren Conrad


Look like LC by ordering her very own sunglasses from he collection!


We hope you found this helpful, we will update it as soon as we find more items that are available and look like LC’s!

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Lauren Conrad FANS X


P.s. Did you know that Lauren Conrad received a bag from Jason Wahler?

We didn’t either!