HOW TO: Lauren Conrad hairstyles

by SeeWantWear

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So, on our Facebook page, you guys voted for me to explain how to get hair like Lauren Conrad!

I have tried to do these styles myself and they have worked for me! Lets just hope they work for you, too 🙂


After washing your hair, dry your hair as normal; but do not fully dry, leave it damp.

Braid your hair very loose.

Leave in for a couple of hours, preferably over night.

Use serum when you take out the braids.

Dry hair on low heat for a couple of minutes!

Long waves

Use heat protection on your hair!

Curl your hair with a 1-inch curling tong, from the ear down.

Leave your hair in the curling iron for about 2 minutes!

After curling each individual piece; curl the hair back up with your fingers and then attatch to your hair with bobby pins when it is all rolled up!

This will keep the curls in for longer.

Before going out, undo the curls and take out the bobby pins.

Use serum to go through your hair; loosening the curls in to soft waves!


Twisted Pullback

If you have curly hair; blow dry it straight.

It doesn’t have to be pin-straight, it works best with a bit of a wave! 

Part your hair in to a centre part.

In sections, curl your hair with a 1-inch curling tong and then lightly spray with hairspray.

With the front section; twist one side and pull back, securing with a bobby pin, clip it to your hair!

Do the same to the other side.

Then simply, lightly spray the whole of your hair!

One-sided feature with waves

Put a side part in your hair.

Follow the steps of HOW TO: Waves

The centre part with the most hair; twist and pull back, securing with bobby pins.

Lightly spray your waves with hair spray.

Side ponytail

 Lightly curl/wave your hair; not over styling!

Put a side part in your hair.

Lightly spray your hair with hairspray!

Gather your hair over to one side, which ever way you prefer 🙂

Then tie your hair together!

For extra shine, add serum to your ponytail.

Faux Bob

Have long hair and want to create a new look?

Curl/wave your hair by following the steps above!

Lightly spray your hair with hair spray.

Create a centre or side part, which ever way you prefer.

Then, simply make a low messy bun at the back of your head or you can clip up your long pieces!

Don’t forget to leave your short layers down.

Try and make it look fashionable but not noticeable 🙂

Low Bun

Put your hair in to a centre part.

Back-comb the top pieces of your hair. (Lift up pieces of your hair and brush downwards, when all complete; brush over your hair smoothing the top layers)

Twist your long pieces of hair at the side or at the back.

Keep twisting your hair round; does not have to be neat!

Then when you can no longer twist anymore hair; use a hair bobble to secure the bun.

Lightly spray your hair with hair spray.

Waves with a swoop

Part your hair in to a side part, can back-comb if preferred!

Dry the parted hair over to one side; training the hair to become flat and stay over on the one side.

Secure the side part behing your ear.

If your hair is damp; use serum on your hair to wave!


We hope you find these tips of HOW TO possible!

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