Lauren’s iconic style

by SeeWantWear

Hey dolls,

We hope you enjoyed our ‘HOW TO’ blogs for creating your hair and nails like LC!

We thought it would be necessary to cover Lauren’s iconic style moments; that she never goes a day without.


Winged Eyeliner

It would not be the same if Lauren did not have her winged eyeliner!

Bring the edges of your eyeliner to a point at the outer corners.

This opens up the eyes and makes your eyes look bigger.



Highlight your waist and create an hourglass figure like LC!

A belt can dress-up your outfit and finish the look off.



Change the position of your braid; try it in different places!

Make it a long braid or simply a short braid on one side.

What would we do without our braids?


The Perfect Combo

Tight pants/leggings + Loose shirt = The Perfect Combo!

We know Lauren LOVES her leather looking leggings; so find some faux leather leggings on our previous posts!

Then, all you will need to add is a loose shirt. Simple.


Dress-up shorts

Who said that you can’t wear shorts to go out?

Lauren didn’t say it!

Wear your comfiest pair of shorts and simply dress them up with some heels and a dressy top.

Don’t forget your jewellery!



Blazers are a closet essential!!

If you don’t own one you are really missing out.

They create a feminine look to your outfit and makes you look more fashionable!



What would a girl do without a bag?

Bags allow you to stash everything and anything!

They also finish off your look.



Waves create a feminine look and make your statement bolder!

You can even soften the waves; if your outfit is already bold.

See our tips of HOW TO create this look on our previous post.


Glam Legs

Use a tanning product and show off your legs!

This is one of Lauren’s best iconic features.

Looks best with A-line items.



Have a bold outfit or can’t find shoes to match your dress?

Pumps are classy but fashionable!

And they can be found anywhere; in various colours.


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