HOW TO: Ombre Nails

by SeeWantWear

Hey dolls,

Have you ever looked closely at Lauren’s nails?

Sometimes, LC goes for the ‘Ombre Nails’ look.

To create this look:

First, add a base coat.

Put your polish colours in order of shades; dark to pink!

Make sure you have a palette or an empty nail polish bottle to mix some colours.

Once the base coat is dry, paint your little finger the darkest shade.

Start painting with the darkest colour on the little finger.

Once dry, apply a clear top coat to secure the polish.

Optional (If you don’t have 5 shades of your chosen colour):

Mix the dark colour (3 drops)  and a drop of white polish (Can use french manicure white tip polish)  together to create a lighter shade, paint next finger. (After your little finger)

Then mix the dark colour (from little finger) with two drops of white polish and paint third finger.

Continue adding white polish to the dark colour for each finger!

Once dry, add a  clear top coat to your nails to secure polish 🙂


Here’s some pictures of Lauren wearing Ombre Nails.


Some other colour options



Lauren Conrad FANS X