Beauty Tips

by SeeWantWear

Hey dolls,

Here’s some beauty tips to obey by!




When you have finished painting your nails, spray some hairspray on top to delay the chipping of the polish, for a few days!



When your tan has dried and you end up with orange or dark areas of tan on your elbows/ankles/knees; simply use a toothbrush and lemon juice to exfoliate the dark areas of tan away!



If you get a spot/pimple/zit, instead of using products designed for them (which normally don’t work anyway) simply wash your face with water everyday!




For soft skin, when you get out of the shower; use baby oil on your face and you will have smooth face in no time!



If you don’t want to waste money on buying all different products to battle against chapped lips; simply use your dry toothbrush (after brushing your teeth) on your lips! Then  use lip balm afterwards.




Once or twice a week use a gentle skin cleaner on your face! This will help you pores to open up and your face to relax from creams and make-up! Do not use any products on your face after using the cleaner.


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