New Nail Trends

by SeeWantWear

Hey dolls,

Here are some of the hottest trends on the red carpet this year!


Pop Art


You can use polish strips or simply practice doing your own nails using polish pens/brushes!


The plus-one


Paint your nails as normal but choose one finger/toe that you want to do the alternate colour!


Geo Mani

Paint your nails with two coats of white and then use two other colour polishes and paint shapes – like a Picasso effect!


Polka-dot Pop


Paint your nails like normal with a bold colour. Then paint (with another polish colour) a semi-circle on the corner of your nails. When this has dried, then paint two full circles on each nail.


Funky French


Paint your nails with a bright colour and then with another bright colour; use the ‘Half Moon’ effect from our other post on NailsNailsNails. This time add a tip as well as the half moon effect!


Shattering Effect


Get the salon effect at home!

This polish is to put on over your base nail polish!

It is available from Barry M!



This look is for the cameras!

You will have glam nails in seconds.


Polish Strips


Prevent your nails from getting chipped by using polish strips! Get the salon look in no time.


In the Mood


Use this polish and it will change colour due to the temperature of your body!

Whether your holding an ice cream, cup of coffee etc.


Credits: Google Images


Lauren Conrad FANS X